Let's start this journey together!

1. Have you tried to lose weight and been unsuccessful?
2. Do you have feelings of shame, depression and frustration associated with your weight?
3. Do you have a negative body image and does it interfere with your relationships?
4. Do you eat compulsively regardless of if you are hungry or not?

Weight Loss and Maintenance

Our programs are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.  Whatever reason for your weight gain we can help you lose the weight and keep it off to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Food Addiction Counseling

When Binge Eating becomes a problem, it is necessary to seek help. With our counseling team and support you can break the bondage of compulsive eating and Food Addiction.

Smoking Cessation (Quitting)

Quitting smoking can be one of the hardest things to do, but you do not have to do it it alone.  With our proven program, you can quit once and for all.

My Message  and Commitment

I design and implement health intervention programs, to achieve each individual's unique goals for better health.

Programs include:  Behavioral Modification Counseling, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity Promotion, Stress Management, and Emotional Coping.

My philosophy and practice encompass a holistic approach for achieving optimal health and wellness, with compassion and respect for each individual.

Seeta M. Noah, M.A., CHES
Certified Health Promotion Specialist